Click on the ModelScope logo above, to view an example of how your site will look. Your site will be identical to ModelScope, except for the logo, color scheme and domain name.

Click on the Hostland logo above to purchase a domain name for your white label webcam site.

Click on the MongoCams Affiliates logo above to learn about our webmaster/affiliate program. We pay up to $90 for each new paying member you refer to our network.

White Label Sites

When you sign up with EZ CamSites, we’ll create a fully-branded “white label” webcam site for your company.  We’ll host the site on our servers, but it will appear on your domain name and display your company name or logo in the header.  To customers and models, this will look like an independent webcam site owned and operated by your company. They’ll have no way of knowing that we’re actually hosting the site and providing the back-end technology. All our existing models will appear on the site, so it will seem active and busy.

Click on the following image to see an example of a white label site:

MongoCams Website

  • You’ll receive a 20% commission whenever customers spend money on your site. This is a lifetime commission, so when you bring in a new customer, you’ll receive 20% of everything he spends, forever.
  • Your white label site will contain a model registration link. When models register via that link, they’ll automatically become part of your studio account and you’ll receive a studio commission on those models for as long as they continue to broadcast on our network.
  • Your site will also contain a studio registration link. When studios register via your link, you’ll receive a sub-studio commission on all their sales.