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Adult Toy Stores

Integrating live cam with your adult toy store is an excellent strategy for generating more money from your current customers. Anyone who’s willing to take out his charge card and shell out cash for adult toys would be an ideal customer for adult webcam.

Standard Integration

The simplest option to incorporate live cam in your adult toy store is to buy an additional domain, adding “cams” to your current domain name. As an example, if your domain was “”, you could register “”, then aim this domain at our servers and allow us to handle the rest:

  • We’ll build a “white label” customized camsite utilizing exactly the same colors and logo design as your toy store site, plus your webcam site will backlink to your primary site. We supply the site for zero cost to you.
  • We’ll host your cam site on our servers for a nominal monthly fee of $9.95.
  • We’ll handle the customer billing
  • You’ll receive credit for all users who register through your camsite. You don’t need to use affiliate links.
  • You’ll additionally get credit for all models as well as studios who sign up through your camsite. Our team takes care of the sign-up process for your models while you get a percentage of their incomes, so long as they keep working on your site.

 We provide three different ways to generate income from members:

  • Pay-per-Lead
  • Pay-per-Sale
  • Revshare. The revshare plan will pay you a substantial percentage on all purchases your customers make. This could easily produce a significant recurring income stream.

Post-Sale Integration

When using the Post-Sale integration approach, we integrate with your order form, so each customer who purchases from your toy store site immediately turns into a new member with your camsite. This method is likely to create a lot more conversions.

Moreover, you’re able to provide $6 worth of credits on your camsite as an additional benefit for new customers. Therefore, you’ll be able to use the free credits from your camsite as an inducement to boost sales on your toy store site.