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Streaming Video Hosting

We do the heavy lifting for you…

Streaming video consumes enormous bandwith and CPU power. A high traffic site could easily incur bandwidth costs running into thousands of dollars per month. Here’s a breakdown of the costs you’d normally incur for hosting a webcam site, compared with the costs when you host on the EZ CamSites platform:

Normal Cost EZ CamSites Cost
Flash Media Server $4,000+ FREE!
Webcam Software $11,000+ FREE!
Hosting / Servers
$1,500/mo FREE!
Bandwidth $1,000+ / mo FREE!
Server Administration $1,000+ / mo FREE!

How are we able to provide thousands per month in free services? It’s with EZ CamSites is a partnership. Rather than charging you big setup and ongoing fees, we take a percentage of every transaction. Thus, we only make money if you make money. But our value goes far beyond just providing the hosting. Since we’re your partner, it’s in our best interest to see your business succeed and grow. The more money you make, the more money we make. Therefore, we’re always available to help with any aspect of your business.

A scalable solution…

Many popular websites become a victim of their own success. If your business explodes overnight, will you have the technical expertise and financial reserves ready to rapidly scale up your infrastructure?

With EZ CamSites, scalability is not an issue. Our platform scales to your traffic levels automatically. We can accommodate high traffic bursts and heavy server demands, regardless of how fast your business grows.