Click on the ModelScope logo above, to view an example of how your site will look. Your site will be identical to ModelScope, except for the logo, color scheme and domain name.

Click on the Hostland logo above to purchase a domain name for your white label webcam site.

Click on the MongoCams Affiliates logo above to learn about our webmaster/affiliate program. We pay up to $90 for each new paying member you refer to our network.

Features Overview

With EZ CamSites, you can literally start your own webcam modeling company overnight. We provide you with the following:

  • Webcam site branded with your company name, logo, domain, etc…
  • Hundreds of active models working on your site immediately
  • Massive amounts of customer traffic, so your models will always be busy
  • Automated email followup campaigns to your customers, to encourage repeat purchases

We do NOT charge any startup fees or monthly fees. You can use a domain you own or you can purchase a domain from Hostland.

  • You earn 40% – 50% of the gross revenue generated by models YOU recruited.
  • You earn 20% of the gross revenue from any customers YOU brought in.
  • Thus, the total potential payout on any one transaction is up to 70%.

You make money by recruiting models and by bringing customers to the site. You’re free to do either or both. The more models you sign up and the more customers you bring in, the more money you’ll make. Our white label studio program is a combination of an affiliate program and a webcam studio program. On the studio side, you earn up to 50% of the revenue your models generate. On the affiliate side, you earn 20% of your customer sales.

Maybe you’ve thought about starting your own webcam company from scratch and you’ve done some research. If so, you’ve probably discovered that the software alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Web hosting, servers and bandwidth for streaming video can cost thousands per month. Then, if you want to compete with the big boys, you’ll need to spend millions on advertising. On top of all that, you’ll need a billing system, merchant account, staff to deal with chargebacks, fraud, customer service, accounting department, etc… The list of challenges and obstacles goes on and on. Starting a webcam company from scratch is a major undertaking. We provide you with a shortcut that allows you to start a webcam company overnight without all these costs and headaches.