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Gentlemen’s Clubs

If you run a gentlemen’s club, adding a cam site to your operation can benefit your club in many ways. Here are some example scenarios that demonstrate how a cam site can add value to your club and make you more money:

Increase revenue from existing club patrons

Joe is a national sales manager for a tire manufacturer and comes into town every other month to meet with local distributors. When he’s in town, he enjoys spending the night in your club and he’s particularly fond of your dancer, Alexis Steele. Joe typically spends about $500 per night on Alexis when he’s in town, but since he’s just in town every other month, it only adds up to a few thousand dollars per year.

This time however, it’s different. When Joe comes in, he buys his usual private dance from Alexis, but when they’re done, she hands him a card providing him with a link to her profile on your club’s cam site. When Joe returns home from his trip, he immediately logs in to the website to chat with Alexis and within minutes, he buys a private show from her. He ends up spending $100 on a 20-minute private show. Alexis makes $35 for doing the show and your club earns a $15 studio commission, plus $20 for having brought in the customer, for a total of $35.

After Joe finishes with Alexis, another model on the site catches his eye and Joe spends another $100 on her. Even though she’s not your model, you still earn a 20% referral commission since Joe is YOUR customer. You earn a minimum 20% commission every time Joe spends money on your site for the rest of his life.

Global presence for your club

Your cam site will give your club national and even international exposure. Local customers who find your website online may decide to visit your club in person. Out-of-towners who discover your website may decide to visit the club when they travel to your city.

Earn more from your dancers

Your dancer, Candy Striper is a single mom who wants to work as much as possible. Unfortunately, she often can’t get a babysitter, so she only averages about three shifts per week. She mostly spends the rest of her time at home.

By signing her up as a webcam model, she can work from home, making money for herself and for you, even when she’s not in your club. Thus, every dancer’s home can potentially become an extension of your club. You make money when they come in to dance, but you also make money when they stay home and work on cam.

What’s more, whenever she’s working on cam, she’s providing free advertising for your club and potentially bringing new customers into the club.

It’s a win/win proposition!

Earn money when your club is slow

What could be worse than a club full of dancers but no customers? We’ve all been there and yes it hurts, but now there’s a solution…setup a cam studio in the back room of your club. While this may sound like a big production, it’s really nothing more than a few laptop computers with a private area for each dancer to work.

When your club is slow, have the manager direct the dancers to the back room to work on cam. That way, you’ll always be making money even if you have no customers in the club. Plus, having the cam option allows you to over-staff a bit more, so if you do get a bus load of customers, you’ll have plenty of dancers on-hand to handle the rush.

Make your dancers more loyal to your club

Let’s face it, good dancers are hard to come by and all dancers are motivated by money. Dancers get discouraged when they come to work and make no money and that makes them start looking for another club to work in. There’s only so much you can pay, so how can you keep them loyal to your club?

Adding a cam studio provides a way for them (and you) to make more money during the time they spend at work. This would give your club a big advantage over competing clubs that don’t offer their dancers a cam option. Imagine how great it would be to tell your dancers they’ll always have customers, even if there are few customers physically in the club.