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Frequently Asked Questions / How much traffic do your sites receive?

We don’t quote specific traffic numbers because most of our competitors lie about their traffic and we’re not going to play that game.

Our traffic is substantial, but more important than the absolute traffic number is the ratio of traffic to models online. Our network is relatively new, so we currently don’t have as many models online as some of our larger competitors. This is good, because less models online means less competition for the available amount of traffic. In other words, the pie is split into fewer larger pieces.

For example, Streamate may have ten times our traffic, but they probably have more than ten times the number of models online at any given time. Thus, if you had a model working on Streamate, she’d be competing with many more models than she would be on our network.

A more important question would be “How much money can my models make working on your network?” We have some models who average $5/hour and others who average $30/hour. The actual amount earned depends on the model’s appearance, personality, time spent online and a host of other factors, but our typical range of $5 – $30/hour is comparable to what models earn on most of our competitors sites.

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