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Frequently Asked Questions / Can I restrict my website to only showing my dancers?

No, you may not, nor would you want to.

Our network is designed as a cooperative, so all our sites show all our models simultaneously. While your site will appear on your domain, displaying your logo and branding, the content and models on the site will be identical to all our other sites. This means your dancers will appear on your site and also on all our other sites. Likewise, all our existing models, including dancers from other clubs, will appear on your site.

The reason you want this is because you earn a commission on all your customer’s purchases, regardless of whether they spend money on your dancers or on other models. So, if one of your customers visits your site and spends money on a dancer who happens to work in a different club, you still get a commission, because you brought in the customer. The more inventory you have available on your site, the more likely it is you’ll make a sale. Also, having more models online makes the site more appealing to customers, so it’s more likely they’ll keep coming back.

Conversely, when your dancers work on your site, they’ll also appear on all our other sites. This provides you and them with far greater exposure than they’d receive if they only appeared on your site.

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