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Frequently Asked Questions / Couldn’t this hurt my business? I want customers coming into my club, not going online!

To address this concern, consider what’s happened in the movie theater industry. In the late 1980’s when video stores were popping up all over the country, many doomsayers predicted that movie theaters would soon be put out-of-business by this new technology that allowed people to watch movies at home. History has proven them wrong.

Movie theaters have not only survived but thrived, outlasting now-obsolete technologies like VHS, Beta and even DVD. Today, with millions of people streaming movies from Netflix, roughly the same number of people go to the movies as they did 20 years ago. Despite the many available options for watching movies at home, people continue going to the movies because it offers an experience they can’t get at home.

In much the same way, webcams will NEVER replace gentlemen’s clubs because chatting with a girl on cam will never match the experience of interacting with her in person. Webcam sex is a convenience option for some men and perhaps the only option for other men who may be too socially awkward to even go to a gentlemen’s club. Adding live cam to your club operation can provide that convenience option to your existing customers and create an entirely new revenue stream from men who are too shy to ever come into your club.

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