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Frequently Asked Questions / How do customers find a specific dancer on my website?

A major benefit of having your own cam site is it allows your dancers to interact with your customers via the Internet. So, if a dancer can’t make it into work, she can still do live shows from home and you’ll continue making money from her. Likewise, if a regular customer is traveling, he can log on to your website and spend money on his favorite dancer. Or if an out-of-towner falls for one of your girls, he can continue spending money on her even after he returns home.

To make all this possible, we provide several ways for customers to find dancers on your website. Each dancer chooses a stage name and customers can find her by searching her stage name on your website. Also, each dancer will have a unique URL that goes directly to her live stream. Your dancers can order business cards through our website. The cards will feature your club’s branding, the dancer’s stage name and photo and her unique URL. Each time a customer buys a dance from her in the club, she can hand him her business card and invite him to come back and see her online. It’s a fantastic cross-sale opportunity!


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