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Frequently Asked Questions / Why do I need your company? Couldn’t I just buy some software and do this myself?

You’re welcome to try, but unless you have millions of dollars and a management team with experience in this industry, you’ll almost certainly fail.

Most people can’t begin to appreciate the complexities, challenges and costs associated with running a cam site:

  • Software vendors like Jam on Cam, charge thousands  for basic, stripped-down webcam studio software. If you want features comparable to what we offer, be prepared to spend many thousands more. Next, be prepared to spend hundreds per month on servers, plus hundreds or thousands per month in bandwidth costs.
  • You’ll need a compliance department to review incoming model applications, verifying age and identity. The manager of your compliance department must be highly experienced in this work, because if you make a mistake and an underage model shows up on your site, you risk going to jail. Additionally, you’ll have to pay a third party compliance company to audit your model documents regularly to ensure you’re prepared for any audits by the federal government.
  • Finally, you’ll need a marketing budget to bring customers to the site and to recruit models. It could easily cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands per month to generate enough traffic to keep your models busy. You’ll also need to pay a six-figure salary to an experienced media buyer, to manage your marketing campaigns.

Some people think they can start out small and build the business gradually, but that’s unrealistic with this type of business due to the chicken/egg problem:

To attract customers to your site, you need lots of models working on the site, but to convince models to work on your site, you need lots of customer traffic.

We solve the chicken/egg problem by providing a solid foundation to start from.

The white label site we create for you will contain all the models currently working on our network. So, when a  model considers working on your site, she’ll see lots of other models busy working and making money. Although they’re technically not your models, they will be working on your site. Likewise, if you spend money to bring customers to your site, you’ll have lots of models on the site ready to service your customers.

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