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Frequently Asked Questions / How does this benefit my club?

Adding live cam to your club can benefit your operation in several ways:

  • Leverage your existing inventory of dancers to create an entirely new revenue stream. Rather than just being limited to performing in your club, your dancers can perform for the entire world, via the Internet. You’ve already gone to the trouble to recruit and hire them, so why not maximize their revenue potential?
  • Leverage your existing customer base to create yet another new revenue stream. Your customers can’t be in your club 24/7, so put your club online and provide them with a convenient way to spend more money with you.
  • Increase dancers satisfaction and loyalty. The number one complaint dancers have is that they come to work and the club isn’t busy, so they don’t make any money. By providing an online option, your dancers will always have the ability to make money, even if your club is slow. Therefore, they won’t ever feel like they’re wasting time by coming to work.
  • Strengthen your brand by providing your customers with a professionally designed website that allows them to interact with your dancers from anywhere in the world.
  • Capture more out-of-towner revenue. Think about  the businessman who comes into town for the weekend and drops a thousand dollars in your club. If he falls in love with one of your dancers, he can now continue spending money on her even after he goes home.

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