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Frequently Asked Questions / Are you affiliated with Streamate or any other cam networks?

No. We are NOT affiliated with Streamate or any other networks. We ARE the network.

Some of our competitors will boast about the number of sites they can put your models on. The problem is, they’re not really adding any value. They’re just signing you up with various cam networks and taking a percentage of your business for filling out a form.

If you want your models to appear on Streamate, you don’t need to go through an agency, you can just sign up with Streamate directly. The same is true for Video Secrets, Live Jasmin and all the other networks.

When you deal with us, you’re dealing directly with the network, NOT with a middleman. We’re confident your company and your models will make the most money with our network, but we don’t require any exclusivity. You’re welcome to try out other networks and there will be no conflict with us.

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