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Frequently Asked Questions

General (9)

How does EZ CamSites compare with other webcam studio programs?

  • Our studio commission rates are among the highest in the industry.
  • We’re the only major studio program that offers a higher commission rate to studios than to models. All our competitors pay their studios and their models the same rate. This creates an adversarial relationship between studios and models since models will constantly try to go around studios to avoid having the studio take a cut of their pay.
  • We’re the only studio program that includes a fully branded white-label website, plus a fully-branded model sign up form, plus a fully-branded model login. We offer these features at no cost to our studios.
  • We’re the only studio program that offers the option of us paying your models directly. If you choose this option, we’ll pay your models, file their tax forms and pay you your studio commission separately. This relieves you of the huge burden of doing payroll.
  • We’re one of the few studio programs that provides a way to monitor and interact with your models while they’re broadcasting.
  • Our model documentation process is fully electronic, so there’s no need for models to print or scan documents when they sign up. We also allow your models to use any available stage name they want. There’s no “approval process” for stage names. This make it faster and easier for you to get your models online.

Why is this free? What’s the catch?

Our program has no setup costs and no monthly fees, but that doesn’t mean it’s literally “free”.

We operate on a revenue sharing model in which we pay out up to 70% of every transaction to our studios and models. We use the remaining 30% to buy traffic for your models, server and bandwidth costs, administrative overhead and of course our profit.

We believe the best way to grow our business is to help your business succeed. One way we do that is by eliminating all setup costs and monthly fees and operate on a purely revenue sharing basis.

Which sites will my models appear on?

Your models will appear on MongoCams and over 100 other websites, including your own white label site that we will create for you.

Are you affiliated with Streamate or any other cam networks?

No. We are NOT affiliated with Streamate or any other networks. We ARE the network.

Some of our competitors will boast about the number of sites they can put your models on. The problem is, they’re not really adding any value. They’re just signing you up with various cam networks and taking a percentage of your business for filling out a form.

If you want your models to appear on Streamate, you don’t need to go through an agency, you can just sign up with Streamate directly. The same is true for Video Secrets, Live Jasmin and all the other networks.

When you deal with us, you’re dealing directly with the network, NOT with a middleman. We’re confident your company and your models will make the most money with our network, but we don’t require any exclusivity. You’re welcome to try out other networks and there will be no conflict with us.

How much traffic do your sites receive?

We don’t quote specific traffic numbers because most of our competitors lie about their traffic and we’re not going to play that game.

Our traffic is substantial, but more important than the absolute traffic number is the ratio of traffic to models online. Our network is relatively new, so we currently don’t have as many models online as some of our larger competitors. This is good, because less models online means less competition for the available amount of traffic. In other words, the pie is split into fewer larger pieces.

For example, Streamate may have ten times our traffic, but they probably have more than ten times the number of models online at any given time. Thus, if you had a model working on Streamate, she’d be competing with many more models than she would be on our network.

A more important question would be “How much money can my models make working on your network?” We have some models who average $5/hour and others who average $30/hour. The actual amount earned depends on the model’s appearance, personality, time spent online and a host of other factors, but our typical range of $5 – $30/hour is comparable to what models earn on most of our competitors sites.

How long does it take to get setup?

In most cases, we can setup your studio account and your white label website within one business day.

What are the startup costs and ongoing costs?

We do not charge any setup fees, so the startup cost from us is zero. However, you must realize you’re starting a business and businesses usually have startup costs and ongoing monthly costs.

If you intend to operate a virtual studio and have all your models working from home, your models will be using their own computers and their own Internet, so you’ll incur little or no startup costs. In that case, your largest expense will probably be in marketing and advertising to recruit models.

However, if you intend to operate a physical studio where models will work from, you’ll definitely have some startup costs. For instance, each model will need a laptop computer with a webcam and a private area to broadcast from. You’ll also need a high speed Internet connection for your studio. If you’re going to have multiple models broadcasting simultaneously from your location, you may need to spend a few hundred dollars per month to obtain a fast-enough Internet connection.

How do payments work?

  • We issue payments twice each month, on the 10th and the 25th of the month, for the pay period ending ten days prior.
  • We can pay your models directly, or we can pay the entire amount to your studio, in which case you’d have to pay your models. Most of our studios prefer that we pay their models directly, saving them the hassle of dealing with payroll and tax forms.
  • We use Payoneer as our exclusive payment processor. With Payoneer, we can deposit money into virtually any bank account in the world for a fraction of the cost of wire transfers. If you don’t want to receive money in your bank account, Payoneer also offers a MasterCard debit card. If you choose that option, we’d pay you by loading your card. You could then withdraw money from any ATM or use the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Why do I need your company? Couldn’t I just buy some software and do this myself?

You’re welcome to try, but unless you have millions of dollars and a management team with experience in this industry, you’ll almost certainly fail.

Most people can’t begin to appreciate the complexities, challenges and costs associated with running a cam site:

  • Software vendors like Jam on Cam, charge thousands  for basic, stripped-down webcam studio software. If you want features comparable to what we offer, be prepared to spend many thousands more. Next, be prepared to spend hundreds per month on servers, plus hundreds or thousands per month in bandwidth costs.
  • You’ll need a compliance department to review incoming model applications, verifying age and identity. The manager of your compliance department must be highly experienced in this work, because if you make a mistake and an underage model shows up on your site, you risk going to jail. Additionally, you’ll have to pay a third party compliance company to audit your model documents regularly to ensure you’re prepared for any audits by the federal government.
  • Finally, you’ll need a marketing budget to bring customers to the site and to recruit models. It could easily cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands per month to generate enough traffic to keep your models busy. You’ll also need to pay a six-figure salary to an experienced media buyer, to manage your marketing campaigns.

Some people think they can start out small and build the business gradually, but that’s unrealistic with this type of business due to the chicken/egg problem:

To attract customers to your site, you need lots of models working on the site, but to convince models to work on your site, you need lots of customer traffic.

We solve the chicken/egg problem by providing a solid foundation to start from.

The white label site we create for you will contain all the models currently working on our network. So, when a  model considers working on your site, she’ll see lots of other models busy working and making money. Although they’re technically not your models, they will be working on your site. Likewise, if you spend money to bring customers to your site, you’ll have lots of models on the site ready to service your customers.

Gentlemen's Clubs (8)

How does this benefit my club?

Adding live cam to your club can benefit your operation in several ways:

  • Leverage your existing inventory of dancers to create an entirely new revenue stream. Rather than just being limited to performing in your club, your dancers can perform for the entire world, via the Internet. You’ve already gone to the trouble to recruit and hire them, so why not maximize their revenue potential?
  • Leverage your existing customer base to create yet another new revenue stream. Your customers can’t be in your club 24/7, so put your club online and provide them with a convenient way to spend more money with you.
  • Increase dancers satisfaction and loyalty. The number one complaint dancers have is that they come to work and the club isn’t busy, so they don’t make any money. By providing an online option, your dancers will always have the ability to make money, even if your club is slow. Therefore, they won’t ever feel like they’re wasting time by coming to work.
  • Strengthen your brand by providing your customers with a professionally designed website that allows them to interact with your dancers from anywhere in the world.
  • Capture more out-of-towner revenue. Think about  the businessman who comes into town for the weekend and drops a thousand dollars in your club. If he falls in love with one of your dancers, he can now continue spending money on her even after he goes home.

Couldn’t this hurt my business? I want customers coming into my club, not going online!

To address this concern, consider what’s happened in the movie theater industry. In the late 1980’s when video stores were popping up all over the country, many doomsayers predicted that movie theaters would soon be put out-of-business by this new technology that allowed people to watch movies at home. History has proven them wrong.

Movie theaters have not only survived but thrived, outlasting now-obsolete technologies like VHS, Beta and even DVD. Today, with millions of people streaming movies from Netflix, roughly the same number of people go to the movies as they did 20 years ago. Despite the many available options for watching movies at home, people continue going to the movies because it offers an experience they can’t get at home.

In much the same way, webcams will NEVER replace gentlemen’s clubs because chatting with a girl on cam will never match the experience of interacting with her in person. Webcam sex is a convenience option for some men and perhaps the only option for other men who may be too socially awkward to even go to a gentlemen’s club. Adding live cam to your club operation can provide that convenience option to your existing customers and create an entirely new revenue stream from men who are too shy to ever come into your club.

Where would my dancers broadcast from?

Your dancers may broadcast from your club or from home. Regardless of where they broadcast from, you and they will receive the same amount of money.

We suggest you setup a webcam studio in the back room of your club. This would consist of several computers with webcams along with a private area for each dancer to broadcast from. That way, when your club is slow, your manager can send your dancers into the webcam studio, so they’ll always be earning money for themselves and for you.

You may also want to allow your dancers to broadcast from home. This allows you to make money even when they dancers aren’t in your club.

Can my dancers broadcast from the main stage?

No, they may not.

The problem is there’d be no way to control who else might appear on the dancer’s broadcast. This presents a serious legal problem because broadcasting sexually explicit video on the Internet is considered an adult performance and must comply with section 2257 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. Specifically, we need to be able to verify and document the age and identity of each person who appears on a broadcast and this would not be possible when broadcasting from the stage.

Can I restrict my website to only showing my dancers?

No, you may not, nor would you want to.

Our network is designed as a cooperative, so all our sites show all our models simultaneously. While your site will appear on your domain, displaying your logo and branding, the content and models on the site will be identical to all our other sites. This means your dancers will appear on your site and also on all our other sites. Likewise, all our existing models, including dancers from other clubs, will appear on your site.

The reason you want this is because you earn a commission on all your customer’s purchases, regardless of whether they spend money on your dancers or on other models. So, if one of your customers visits your site and spends money on a dancer who happens to work in a different club, you still get a commission, because you brought in the customer. The more inventory you have available on your site, the more likely it is you’ll make a sale. Also, having more models online makes the site more appealing to customers, so it’s more likely they’ll keep coming back.

Conversely, when your dancers work on your site, they’ll also appear on all our other sites. This provides you and them with far greater exposure than they’d receive if they only appeared on your site.

How do I get my customers to visit my cam site?

We can provide you with flyers customized to your club, featuring your logo and website URL. You can then distribute the flyers to your customers in the club and each new customer who signs up will receive $6 worth of free credits to use on your site.

Additionally, we recommend you mention your website in all your existing advertising, such as radio, billboards, print ads, etc… By leveraging your existing advertising, you can create an entirely new revenue channel without incurring any additional advertising costs.

How do customers find a specific dancer on my website?

A major benefit of having your own cam site is it allows your dancers to interact with your customers via the Internet. So, if a dancer can’t make it into work, she can still do live shows from home and you’ll continue making money from her. Likewise, if a regular customer is traveling, he can log on to your website and spend money on his favorite dancer. Or if an out-of-towner falls for one of your girls, he can continue spending money on her even after he returns home.

To make all this possible, we provide several ways for customers to find dancers on your website. Each dancer chooses a stage name and customers can find her by searching her stage name on your website. Also, each dancer will have a unique URL that goes directly to her live stream. Your dancers can order business cards through our website. The cards will feature your club’s branding, the dancer’s stage name and photo and her unique URL. Each time a customer buys a dance from her in the club, she can hand him her business card and invite him to come back and see her online. It’s a fantastic cross-sale opportunity!


Some of my dancers think webcam is beneath them. How do I address this objection?

Many dancers view themselves as professionals and view webcam models as amateurs. Thus, they may resist the idea of working as cam girls, thinking it’s beneath them. From your perspective as the club owner, you probably don’t care what some 19 yr old dancer thinks is beneath her. Your goal is to maximize the amount of money she can put in your pocket. So how do you change her attitude and make her enthusiastic about doing cam?

The best way to approach this is to re-frame the conversation. You’re not asking her to be a cam girl, you’re providing her with a channel to make more money from her real-world customers. She’s free to ignore the customers we send to her room and just use the site to do shows for her regulars. That’s how you present it. In reality, if a paying customer comes into her room and wants to buy a private, we highly doubt she’ll turn it down.