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Commission Structure

We offer a unique sliding scale commission structure that pays studio commissions of up to 50% and rewards models and studios for selling higher-priced private shows. All new models start out at $2.49/minute and the studio receives a 40% commission at this per-minute rate. However, you can increase your commission rate by increasing the price for private shows. The table below shows the studio payouts for the available per-minute rates:

Per-Minute Rate Studio Commission Rate
$2.49 – $3.49 40% of gross
$3.99 – $4.49 45% of gross
$4.99 + 50% of gross

The percentages shown are the TOTAL amount paid to the studio, INCLUDING commissions paid to your models. YOU specify what percentage of your studio percentage your models receive. The standard split is 90% of the studio percentage to the model and 10% to the studio. Again, this split refers to a percentage of the studio percentage, NOT a percentage of the gross. For example:

Let’s say a model performed a show at $4.99/minute and earned a total gross amount of $100 for the show. Your studio as a whole would receive 50% of the $100 or $50. We’d then pay your model 90% of the $50, for a total of $45 and we’d pay your studio 10% of the $50 for a total of $5. If you specified an 80/20 split, then we’d pay your model 80% of the $50 for a total of $40 and we’d pay your studio 20% of the $50 for a total of $10.

We recommend paying 80 – 90% of your studio commission to your models. The more you pay your models, the more loyal they’ll be to you. You may specify a default percentage split for all new models and you may adjust the percentage split individually for each model.