Click on the ModelScope logo above, to view an example of how your site will look. Your site will be identical to ModelScope, except for the logo, color scheme and domain name.

Click on the Hostland logo above to purchase a domain name for your white label webcam site.

Click on the MongoCams Affiliates logo above to learn about our webmaster/affiliate program. We pay up to $90 for each new paying member you refer to our network.

Adult Tube Sites

Adding live webcam to your adult tube site is a highly effective approach to monetizing your site. Most tube sites monetize their traffic by establishing affiliate relationships with pay sites and/or cam sites.

While some of our competitors offer white label webcam sites, we’re the only company that offers a complete end-to-end white label solution. With our program, neither your customers nor your models will be aware of our company. All aspects of the site are fully branded with your color scheme and logo and hosted on your domain. This includes the member front end of the website, the model/studio administrative areas, all emails sent to your members and all emails sent to your models.  The site will appear to be entirely owned and operated by your company.

Additionally, we give you full control over the prices charged by your models and the percentage split between your models and your studio. Moreover, we pay out some of the highest commission rates in the industry. Our studio commissions go as high as 50% and our affiliate commissions go as high as 30%. Thus, depending on your volume and other factors, you could earn as much as 80% on a transaction.

Standard Integration

The simplest option to integrate live cam with your adult tube site would be to obtain another domain name, appending “cams” onto your present domain. To illustrate, if your domain name was “”, you could register “”, direct that domain to our web servers and let us take care of the rest:

  • We’ll create a “white label” tailor-made website with the exact same colors and company logo as your tube site, and your webcam site will link back to your tube site. We provide you with the site for absolutely no cost to you.
  • We’ll host your cam site on our servers for a nominal monthly fee of $9.95.
  • We’ll take care of billing the members who join your cam site.
  • You’ll receive credit for any and all members who register through your cam site. There’s no need for any affiliate tracking links.
  • You’ll be credited for any models and/or studios who create an account through your cam site. Our company manages your model registrations and you receive a percentage of their earnings, for as long as they continue working on the site.

We offer you a choice of three different commission plans:

  • Pay-per-Lead
  • Pay-per-Sale
  • Revshare. With our revshare plan you’ll earn a hefty percentage on all purchases made by your customers. This is a great way to create a residual income stream.

Post-Sale Integration

With the Post-Sale integration method, we integrate with your order form, so when a customer purchases a premium membership on your tube site, it automatically registers him as a member on your cam site. This integration method can result in many more members joining your cam site.

Furthermore, you can offer $6 worth of credits on your cam site as an added bonus for members who purchase the premium membership on your tube site. Thus, you can use your cam site as a way to increase premium membeship sales on your tube site.

Branded Videos

We can provide you with ten new branded adult videos each day. You can upload these videos to your tube site, to offer your visitors original adult content, branded with your logo. We can even give you a script that will automate the process of transferring the videos to your server.