Click on the ModelScope logo above, to view an example of how your site will look. Your site will be identical to ModelScope, except for the logo, color scheme and domain name.

Click on the Hostland logo above to purchase a domain name for your white label webcam site.

Click on the MongoCams Affiliates logo above to learn about our webmaster/affiliate program. We pay up to $90 for each new paying member you refer to our network.

Adult Chat Sites

Integrating live cam with your adult chat site is a fantastic way to generate income from free chat users . The majority of chat sites make money from their traffic by setting up affiliate marketing relationships with adult pay sites and/or webcam sites.

Although a few of our competitors provide white label sites, we are the only vendor offering an end-to-end white label program. Neither your web visitors nor your performers will realize your cam site is actually run by us. Every aspect of the site is customized to your colors and company logo and hosted on your own domain. This would include the member area, the performer/studio management areas, any and all e-mails delivered to your customers as well as e-mails delivered to your performers.  In all respects, the website will seem to be run by your company.

What’s more, we grant you complete control of the rates charged by your performers along with the percent split between your performers and your studio. Best of all, we pay among the top commission rates in the business. Our studio commission rates reach up to 50% and our webmaster commission rates go up to 30%. So, based on your sales volume among other variables, you might be paid up to 80% on a sale.

Standard Integration

The most basic method to integrate live webcam with your adult chat site would be to acquire an additional domain, appending “cams” onto your existing domain name. For instance, if your domain address was “”, you might buy “”, then point that domain name to our servers and we would handle the rest:

  • We’ll design a “white label” custom-built cam site using the identical colors and logo as your chat site, and your webcam site will link back to your chat site. There’s no cost for this site.
  • We’ll host your cam site on our servers for a nominal monthly fee of $9.95.
  • We’ll handle the billing for users who become members on your cam site.
  • You’ll earn commissions on all users who make purchases on your cam site.
  • In addition, you’ll earn commissions on any performers and/or studios who register via your cam site. We handle your performer sign ups and you receive a percentage of what they earn, for as long as they’re employed on your site.

We offer three separate commission structures:

  • Pay-per-Lead
  • Pay-per-Sale
  • Revshare. With the revshare plan you’ll earn a generous percentage of the amount your customers spend each month. This can be a fantastic way to build a recurring income stream.

Post-Join Integration

With the Post-Join integration, each time a new member joins your chat site, we automatically register him on your cam site. This usually results in lots more members joining your cam site, which greatly improves the the income potential.

Another advantage to this method is you can offer $6 worth of credits on your cam site as a bonus for members who join your chat site. In other words, you can use your cam site as a way to increase registrations on your chat site. This is a total win/win scenario!