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Adult Cam Affiliate Program / Webmaster Program

If you’re an adult webmaster looking for an adult cam affiliate program, you’ve come to the right place. This business is all about monetizing your traffic by forming partnerships with other companies in the adult space. Sure, there are many companies that offer an adult cam affiliate program and yes, some of them offer white label sites. However, the adult webcam business is unique because there are two ways to make money:

  1. By sending member traffic to the site (Adult Cam Affiliate Program)
  2. By recruiting models to work on the site (Studio Program)

Most cam networks offer an adult cam affiliate program and a studio program, but they often don’t integrate well. Our key strength is how we integrate both sides of the business. Here are some of our unique advantages:

Fully Branded White Label Adult Cam Site

When you sign up with EZ CamSites, we provide you with a white label cam site, fully branded with your domain name, company name, logo and color scheme. Our company name won’t appear anywhere on the site. This means any customer or model who views your site would assume it’s owned and run by your company. They’d have no way of knowing it’s a white label site under our adult cam affiliate program. This is critical for models, because many of them don’t want to work “under a studio”; they want to work direct for the parent adult cam site. If they suspect your site is an affiliate site, they may try to go around you and sign up directly with us.

Adult Cam Affiliate Program Referral Tracking

We automatically link your white label site with your Traffic Alchemy affiliate ID. This guarantees payment on all commissionable traffic you send. There’s no need for tracking codes; the website itself is the tracking code. Members who register via your website automatically assign to your affiliate ID, ensuring you get credit.

Keep Customers on Your Site

With a traditional adult cam affiliate program, once you send a user to a third-party affiliate site, chances are you’ll never see that person again. Hopefully he buys something on the affiliate site, so you get a commission. However, with our white label adult cam affiliate program, you link to YOUR branded cam site, not some third-party site. Also, we offer the option of adding a button on the navigation bar that links back to your main website. This helps to preserve your brand identity and keeps your customers on your sites, rather than redirecting them to external sites.

White Labeled Model Registration Form

We provide a fully-branded model registration form on your white label site. This means there’s no need to create your own model registration form, since it’s built-in to your site.

Fully Branded Model Administration Area

We provide a fully branded model administration and broadcast area. When a model logs in to broadcast, she logs in on YOUR white label adult cam site and she sees YOUR branding in her administration and broadcast area.

Branded Emails

We white label all emails sent to both models and members. Your customers will never see an offer directing them to one of our sites and your models will never receive an email that references our company name. No one will be able to tell that your site is part of our adult cam affiliate program.

Extensive Customization Options

We offer many customization options for the website, the model registration form and the model administration area. For instance, we can add your contact information to your model registration form. We can also replace our standard model training video with a custom video you create. In the model referral program area, we can replace our standard referral banners with custom banners you send us. We can also add Google Analytics traffic and conversion tracking to your site.

Flexible Payment Methods

We offer you the choice of us paying your model commissions to your studio, or paying the commissions direct to your models. Most studios prefer us to pay their models direct, because it saves them the hassle and the paperwork of cutting checks, filing 1099 forms, etc… However, if you want total control over the commission payments, you can request that we pay the entire amount to your studio.

Industry-Leading Commission Rates

We offer aggressive commission rates on both the adult webcam studio side and the adult webmaster side. On the studio side, we pay commissions of 40 – 50% of gross sales to the studio. You have total control over the amount you keep and the amount we pay your models. For instance, if you do an 80/20 split with your models, your models would receive 32 – 40% of gross and your studio would keep 8 – 10% of gross. You can set a global default percentage and you can adjust the percentage split for any individual model. On the webmaster side, most affiliates in our adult cam affiliate program, select our Pay Per Sale program, which pays a $75 one-time commission on each paying member who signs up via your white label. However, you can also promote our revenue sharing program, which pays lifetime recurring commissions of 20 – 25%, depending on your volume. With the revenue sharing program, you earn a commission every time your members buy, for the rest of their lives.

Network-Wide Exposure for Models

Your models will appear simultaneously on our entire network of white label adult cam sites, not just on your site. This gives them far greater exposure than they’d receive from working on just a single site. When a member buys a show from your model, you and the model receive the full commission, regardless of which site the member came from.

Pre-Populated with Models

We’ll automatically populate your adult white label site with models from our network. Thus, your site will immediately feature lots of models, making it appear active and busy. This will make it easy to recruit models and will also provide you with a large inventory of models to promote to your members. Remember, you earn the full adult cam affiliate program commission on every member who joins via your white label site, even if the model he buys the show from is not one of your girls.

Unique Marketing Tools

We offer a unique landing page that automatically prioritizes your models on your adult white label site’s landing page. When you send traffic to this special landing page on your site, it will expose customers to your models first. This increases the chance of earning both the model commission and the affiliate commission on a single transaction. EZ CamSites is the only adult cam affiliate program that offers this feature.

Additionally, we offer free daily videos of private shows, watermarked with your site’s logo. You can upload these videos to tube sites such as YouPorn, as a way of promoting your white label. Viewers on the tube sites will watch your videos, then receive an offer to visit your website to claim their free credits. We provide the free credits as an incentive for new members to join.


Most webcam companies offer a studio program and a webmaster program, but they’re usually not well-integrated. EZ CamSites offers you an adult cam affiliate program that’s truly a business in a box. When you promote our adult cam affiliate program, it’s like having your own webcam company, but without all the hassles and expense. Your customers and your models will perceive your site as independently owned, not an affiliate of a parent webcam network. Every transaction that occurs on your site will be commissionable to you. Also, every transaction involving your models will be commissionable, even transactions on other sites not owned by you. This is truly the ultimate adult cam affiliate program!